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Larger Landscapes

Shangri-la your larger landscape

It is true that owning a large garden can be very overwhelming. To remedy this Mimosa Design can create maintenance plans which can help garden owners better look after their gardens. Furthermore, we can offer renovation works which will divide larger landscapes into smaller, easier to manage plots.

Bigger landscapes require sight line destinations and point of interest to attract the eye. However, for ease of maintenance and to prevent them becoming overwhelming in the future it is also important to use plant choices which will not become a future problem.

Landscaping and seating areas

Mimosa Design sculpts landscapes, carries out tree work to better improve boundaries through the garden and makes best use of borrowed landscapes to enhance your property. We can also break up your garden by offering quality patios and seating destinations to suit your entertaining needs and limit the amount of flora-based maintenance.

Mimosa will offer you a bespoke garden design service for your larger garden at a budget you choose. Dedicated to creating fabulous gardens our clients love we will be with you every step of the way, to make your dream garden a reality.